Customisable Vinyl carbon helmet bag

From 460,00 

Customisable Vinyl carbon helmet bag

In a British workshop nestled in the heart of motor racing’s passion, the art of handcrafting reaches new heights. This magical place is where bespoke carbon vinyl helmet bags come to life, dazzling motorsport enthusiasts the world over.

Each helmet bag is created with care, transforming carbon vinyl into a piece of art in its own right.

The manufacturing process begins with an in-depth consultation with each customer.

Once the specifications have been clearly defined, the craftsmen apply their expertise. They skilfully cut the carbon vinyl, ensuring that each piece fits perfectly. Every seam is precision stitched, enhancing the durability and aesthetics of the helmet bag. Sturdy zips and heavy-duty straps are added, ensuring optimum protection for the helmet while making it easy to carry.

Each bag is unique and reflects the identity of its owner. Whether representing a racing team, a company or simply a personal style, these personalised helmet bags captivate everyone who sees them.



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